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MarJeanne Somerhalder - March 31, 2015

MarJeanne was born in her grandparents’ farmhouse in North Branch, Kan., on Nov. 22, 1919, the daughter of Arvine and Wilma Thornton.
Raised near Guide Rock, Neb., MarJeanne was the oldest of five children. Her siblings included brothers, Daryl and Dean and her sisters, Louise and Phyllis.
They grew up on a farm with very little money but they grew all their own food and always had plenty of good food to eat.
MarJeanne’s sister Louise, set her up on a date with this cute coach, Emden (Sam) Somerhalder who ended up being the love of her life and her groom on June 1, 1939.
See the April 8th Courier for full obituary.